How Do I Know If My Golf Driver’s Loft Is Too Low


The loft is one of the most vital components in a golf driver, and if the range is set to the right degree, it can be a boon for any golfer, i.e. providing the desired performance to golfers of any skill level.

But if this loft degree is incorrectly adjusted in the driver, it can ruin the golfer’s performance on the course.

Therefore, it is important to adjust this loft to the right degree, but most golfers fail to know what loft degree in the driver should be kept according to their skill level.

But if it becomes too low then it is of no use, that is why most golfers struggle with this problem and often ask the question How Do I Know If My Golf Driver’s Loft Is Too Low?

So today in this article we will know that if your driver’s loft becomes low then how to recognize it and how to find its solution?

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Signs of a Driver Loft That’s Too Low:

In this part of the article, you will get to know that if your golf driver’s loft is low, then what signal will you get while playing the game?

Ball Flight:

Describe a ball flight that’s consistently low and lacks height.

Mention how this can affect carry distance, especially on windy days.


Explain how a low loft can lead to lost distance even with good swing speed.


Mention how a low loft can make it harder to control the ball, leading to hooks or slices.

Other Factors to Consider: (Must Read)

From the factors mentioned above, you have understood that if your golf driver’s loft degree is low, what signals will it give you?

Swing Speed:

Now let us pay a little attention to what loft degree will be right for the golfer of different swing speeds so that the different swing speed golfer can select the right loft golf driver.

But before that, know whether the problem of lower loft degrees is faced only by slow-swing speed golfers or golfers of other swing speeds also face the same problem.

Now look, after reading this you will be a little surprised that this problem is faced mostly by beginner golfers because their swing speed is slow and if the swing speed of a golf player is high then a low loft degree is no less than a boon for them.

Now let’s try to know what loft degree of the golf driver is required for which swing speed. For example:

If a golfer’s swing speed is 95-104 mph, it falls in the medium range category, so 10-11.5 degrees of loft is required for those golfers.

If we talk about those golfers whose swing speed is 105 mph or more, they are included in the category of high swing speed, for which they must keep the loft degree of their driver 8.5-10.

Now if we talk about golfers with slow swing speeds under 80 mph, which are mostly beginners and high handicap golfers, then they should select a golf driver with 12-14 loft degrees.

Note: Understand one thing: if your golf driver’s loft degree is low and you are a golfer with a high swing speed, you do not need to worry much.

But if you are a golfer whose swing speed is slow and then you are getting the signals I have mentioned above, then it means that the loft degree of the golf driver you have chosen has a low loft instead of a high, which can ruin your overall performance.

So for its solution, please read this article further.

Swing Mechanics:

Briefly mention that a low swing plane can also contribute to a lowball flight, independent of the loft.

Q. What to do if you still receive the negative signals mentioned above despite your swing speed being high?


Now let’s talk about what steps you should take to solve this too-lower loft problem.

Adjusting Loft (if possible):

Adjusting the golf driver loft setting is the first problem-solving step and is also quite easy and accurate.

This is because now all golf club manufacturers design clubs that offer loft adjusting features, so if a golfer has a slow or high swing speed, he/she can adjust it according to their needs and get better results.

So if your swing speed is slow and still your golf driver’s loft degree is set to low then you can adjust it to a higher loft degree.

You can learn how to adjust the loft setting of your driver by watching the video mentioned below by Hannah Holden NCG.

Getting Fitted:

But what if you understand the method mentioned above or even watch the video, but you are still facing problems in adjusting the loft setting, then what to do next?

For that, you can adopt one of the best and worth it ways, which is consulting a professional fitter, who helps you adjust your driver’ loft according to your swing speed and needs.

A professional fitter will first analyze your swing speed, swing style, and playing style with the help of some advanced tools so that he/she can understand which loft degree is best for you.

Then he/she will explain it to you and help you adjust the loft of your driver so that the driver will give you desirable performance on the course.

Believe me, professional fitting service can prove to be very beneficial for you, so definitely consider it.

Considering a New Golf Driver Or Customize Recent One

Just now I mentioned in the “Adjusting Loft” paragraph that at present time many golf club manufacturers offer loft adjustment features in their clubs.

But what if you have already chosen a golf drive that does not offer the loft adjusting feature?

It is possible that there may be some golfers among you who have made this mistake, but no problem, I will give you the solution for this too in this article.

Talking about the first solution, whatever golf driver you have, if you want, you can also get it customized from the best fitter.

By doing this, your lower loft problem will be solved but don’t be happy just yet as this process can prove to be a bit costly for you as a fitter will modify the entire components of your golf driver as the shaft, club head, hosel, and other main components.

The fitter will also take into account other main factors of the golf driver like lie-angle, face angle, weight, head position, face position, attack angle, etc. In which your total cost may be $300 to $400.

But if you do not want to go to the trouble of completely modifying your golf driver, then you can adopt another solution, that is to buy a new golf driver.

But if you are thinking that a new golf driver will cost more than this process, then it is not so. A new golf driver that comes with loft adjustment will cost you approximately $300 to $450 which will be a pleasurable investment.

Now it is up to you to decide whether you should completely customize your golf driver or move towards a new golf driver.

Note: This is just a suggestion. For more information, whenever you go to the pro fitter, they will tell you what you should do.


So in this article, we learned what beginner and high-handicapped golfers should do if their driver loft is set too low because these types of golfers have a slow swing speed due to which only a high loft degree suits them.

It is not that golfers with high swing speed do not face this problem, they also suffer from it but it does not bother them that much.

So to determine if your loft is too low, I have mentioned factors like ball flight, distance, accuracy, etc. If you notice any negative changes in these factors, you should be aware that your driver has a low loft.

Then after focusing on these issues, I’ve also talked about some solutions such as considering a new golf driver or customizing a recent one, adjusting the loft if possible, and getting fitted by a pro fitter.

All of these methods will undoubtedly assist you in fixing your problem, and you will also receive an answer to the query whose weight you were carrying on your shoulders and walking around, “How Do I Know If My Golf Driver’s Loft Is Too Low”.

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