How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need

Often, golfers are worried about what size of golf driver they should buy because, in the world of golf, the driver is the only club whose length is longer than other clubs.

If truth be told, this problem is mostly faced by newly-started golfers and intermediate golfers.

Now this problem arises because golfers of these skill levels do not have a proper and accurate guide, due to which they fail to find the correct size golf driver for themselves.

Therefore, to erase their tension completely, we have prepared this guide in which the question they asked, “How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need?” will be answered very briefly and interestingly.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

Q1. How do I know what size golf driver I need?

When you are looking for the right-sized golf driver who can enhance your performance in the best possible way. So you need to focus on some vital factors and work on them.

Those factors are: First of all, you have to understand your swing style, body posture, height, arm length, and wrist-to-floor method. Whether you have to measure these yourself with the help of a golf club inch tape and size chart or take the help of a professional fitter.

After that, some other factors you have to consider to determine the correct size of golf driver such as learning about static vs dynamic fitting, and lastly consulting a professional fitter will make your work quite easy.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

Before you scroll further, it is better to know the components of a golf driver. The benefit of these components is that you will learn about the driver in detail, which will help you choose a better size.

The main component of a golf driver is its head, which is located at the bottom and directly connects with the ball. The second component is the shaft, which plays a vital role in giving the desired feel, swing, and performance to any golfer.

This is an important part of the driver, which starts from the grip and ends at the head of the driver.

Now there are many other essential components of a golf driver, such as shaft flex (part of the shaft), Lie angle, loft, weight, and many more.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

When you choose the right size of golf driver, you need to understand the following factors. All these will help you in choosing the right size driver.

Driver Loft

There is no doubt how important the loft degree of the driver and other clubs is to offering the desired performance to any golfer.

But it gives the desired performance to only that golfer whose driver’s loft degree is considered appropriate according to the skill level of that golfer

This means, that if you are a beginner and high handicap golfer or your swing speed is (85 mph or less) you should select a golf driver with a higher loft degree of around 12-14°.

Similarly, if your swing speed is between 85mph to 100mph or more, or you are an advanced golfer, then you need to select a golf driver with a lower loft degree typically 8-10° for a better experience.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

To know more deeply about this loft topic, you can also check out my other article.

Shaft Length and Golfer’s Height

Whenever you are looking for the correct size golf driver, it is important that you first know about the shaft size of the driver and the height of the golfer, because these two things are interconnected.

So, please let us know what the golfer’s height should be for which size driver shaft to achieve a better result on the green.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

Firstly, golfers whose height is more than 6 feet should choose only a shaft of 45.5 inches or more because this shaft size will offer them a long swing and balanced control.

If the height of a golfer is 5’8″ to 6 feet then a 45-inch shaft is suitable for them. On the other hand, a shorter shaft (43 inches or less) is perfect for golfers with a height under 5’8″.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

Q2. What would happen if you select a driver that is too small or too long for your height?

Look, when you buy a golf driver whose size is either too small or too big, it can lead to a lot of negative results in your overall performance whether it be in your body posture, or swing and tempo, ball flight, and impact point.

For example, if you use a golf driver with a longer shaft size, then you may face a lot of problems in maintaining your hand and body posture. As you will have to stand very straight while swinging, you will also face problems in your shots.

Similarly, if you choose a golf driver that is too short in size against your height, then you may have to bend down a little too much during the game, due to which you will start feeling pain somewhere in your back and your swing will have a very bad impact.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

Now it is possible that you may not pay attention to these things, but in my opinion, choose the driver of the length which is suitable for your body posture and arm posture, otherwise, you will get such bad results which you would not have even expected.

When looking for the right size golf driver for yourself, using the wrist-to-floor method can make your job much easier.

If you are old in golf then you would know what this method is, but if you are a beginner to golf then this method may be completely new and complicated for you.

But know one thing, this method is very easy to understand and after reading its name, you must have understood what exactly is done in this method.

In this, your wrist size is measured using an inch tape or a ruler from the wrist to the floor. Now you might have read that a golfer should buy clubs according to his/her height, whether he/she is tall or short.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

Yes, this may be true but not completely because every golfer’s hand posture, standing posture, and swing are different from each other, even if the golfer is of the same height.

Therefore, no golfer, be it a woman or a man, can buy any golf driver or club just like that, so the wrist-to-floor-law method has been invented to find a solution to this problem.

Q3. How To Measure Wrist-To-Floor for Golf Drivers?

Now what should you do to measure the wrist-to-floor method practically? For this, first of all, you should arrange for an inch tape and a size chart. Size chart which mentions your height as well as the size of the clubs.

If you do not have both these things then you can buy them from any golf shop. After doing all these arrangements, stand straight with your back against something solid and keep your chest out and lower your hands, and relax them completely.

Also, keep in mind that do not wear shoes with high heels. While doing this process, you should either stand without shoes or wear shoes that do not have heels.

All you have to do now is measure the crease of your wrist to the floor and check the size you see, which will be in inches, and then compare the inches to the club size chart that is displayed during the wrist-to-floor measurement and choose the golf driver size based on those measurements.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

When you do this work, you may feel a little uncomfortable performing it alone, for this, you can take the help of any golf partner, family member, or friend.

Note: If you think that you can do all this by yourself, you can check it at home, then well and good, but if you want to perform this method more perfectly, then you must take the help of a professional fitter.

Q4. Does this process work the same for women golfers as it does for men golfers?

Yes, this process indeed works the same for women golfers as well, but please note that it is not correct to say the same, it is correct to say similar.

Now whatever process I have mentioned above is an almost similar process for women golfers like measuring wrist-to-floor and needing inch tape and a size chart to measure it, standing straight with the support of a wall, and avoiding heeled shoes.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

But this is not the exact same because the arm length of women is slightly shorter than men, due to which the size of their golf drivers is also slightly different.

For example, if the size of a male golfer’s golf driver is 45.5, then the size of a female golfer’s golf driver is 1.5 inches smaller than that, which is 44 inches.

Just because it’s 1.5 inches, the fitting process for men and women is slightly different, but the rest all the processes are similar.

To perform this process more deeply, definitely take the help of a professional fitter.

These factors which I am going to reveal now are a part of professional fitting which you have the right to know, but this thought may come to your mind that if this is a part of professional fitting then we will know about it only when we consult a professional fitter.

But it is not as you are thinking. Do not depend on anyone, you should keep yourself informed about these factors. It is possible that when you take the help of a pro-fitting session, they may not tell you about these factors.

So let’s try to understand both these factors deeply with video help.

Static vs Dynamic Fitting

Now just as it is important to have a mentor in life, it is also important to have a professional fitter who can help you in finding the right-size golf driver.

Let me tell you one thing whatever factors and methods I have mentioned above, a professional fitter will definitely help you in understanding them well and doing them practically.

Whether you want to understand wrist-to-floor methods better or are looking to custom-fit a golf driver according to your needs, preferences, height, and swing speed.

A professional fitter will also measure your swing speed using advanced tools such as a launch monitor and suggest the right golf driver that will help enhance your performance on the green.

You will not need to go anywhere else to buy inch tape and size chart, a professional fitter will provide all these things to you.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

In this fitting method, you will also learn about other factors of golf drivers such as Driver Head Size and Center of Gravity, Face Angle and Draw-Biased Drivers, Lie-angle ​​and Shaft Flex, and Grip Size.

You have two possibilities. If you prefer, you can confirm the correct driver size yourself by applying the methods described above. If you want your task done precisely and to receive the right size driver rapidly, choose a professional fitter.

Moreover, if you go to a professional fitter, you will be allowed to test different drivers right there so that you can decide which one you should buy.

Note: Don’t think that expert fitters only guide beginner golfers; you can take advantage of this type of service, even if you’re an advanced golfer.

This article doesn’t need to be read-only by beginner and intermediate golfers; it is also very helpful for seasoned golfers because everyone needs a golf driver of the right size.

So here are some things you need to keep in mind until the day you stop playing golf. That is, you have to choose the golf driver based only on your skill level.

For example, as a beginner golfer, what qualities do you look for in a driver to improve your performance? It is more beneficial to use a golf driver with more forgiveness, a high loft degree that allows you to hit the golf ball straight and high, and balanced control.

If you are an intermediate or advanced golfer, you should only use a golf driver with a low loft to achieve superior shot shape, maximum distance, and accuracy.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

Now this question will immediately jump to the fore: How will you figure out which driver is designed to give you what kind of performance?

For that, as I have mentioned above, you can take advantage of custom fitting and consult a professional fitter. Also, understand and follow all these factors carefully.

Just doing this will open all the doors for you, making it easier for you to identify and choose the right size golf driver that unlocks your performance on the green.

So far in this informative article, we have learned how you can choose the right size golf driver by understanding some important and easy factors and applying them practically.

For Example, First of all, we understood what should be the shaft size of a golf driver according to the height of a golfer, and then we learned what is the wrist-to-floor method and how to perform it at home.

Not only that, but you’ll learn about Static vs. Dynamic Fitting and why it’s vital to consult with a professional fitter to achieve the greatest results for the proper size of golf driver.

I hope you have found the solution to the question “How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need” by reading this comprehensive article.

You may learn a lot more about golf, by reading our other blog posts.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Driver I Need
How To Find Right Size Golf Driver

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