How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

You must admit that Golf Driver is one of the most important golf clubs which helps a lot in enhancing your performance. However, choosing the right golf driver may sound a bit difficult for most golfers like beginners.

Also, beginners and newly started golfers do not know what steps to follow to select the best golf clubs because they either do not get the right guide or are too shy to seek advice from anyone.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

So, having good knowledge of Golf, I have prepared a full detailed guide in which we will discuss how to choose a golf driver for beginners in straightforward steps.

So please stay connected with me till it is finished.

Being a beginner golfer, when you set out to choose a golf driver for yourself, it is important to understand and follow some essential factors such as club head, hosel, shaft, shaft flex, grip, driver shaft length, and other factors.

You will be able to read about the rest of the aspects mentioned above, later in this post, so fasten your seat belts and get ready to move ahead.

Remember, do not ignore the mentioned factors. By understanding and following them well, you can find the right and best golf driver for your game that enhances your performance on the green.

Before proceeding with choosing a golf driver, it is important to know what are the different parts of the driver and what are those parts’ functions.

From the name of the club head itself, you might have guessed what it is, it is the last part at the bottom of the golf driver that makes contact with the golf ball and it plays a big role in providing good speed and distance to the ball.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Now since it is mainly made of lightweight titanium alloy, it makes every golfer’s swing easier.

The club head also has some small features like the first loft angle whose function is to find out how high and how low the ball flies off the tee which is found between the club face and the shaft.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Next is Face angle, its only function is to determine in which direction the golf ball will go when you hit it. Understand it as if the tires of a car turn in whatever direction, the car starts moving in the same direction.

Similarly, no matter the direction of the face angle, whether it is right or left or whether it is up or down, the golf ball will also travel in the same direction.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Last is the driver sole, which is the lowest section of the golf driver or golf club. If it is too large, it can collide with the ground while hitting the golf ball, causing a form of shock in your swing.

So, whenever possible, use a golf driver with a low sole so that the golf ball does not strike the ground when you swing.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

The hosel allows you to modify the loft and lie angle of the golf driver (which allows a customization feature), i.e. you can rotate it according to your needs because the hosel is connected to the club head and shaft.

By doing this you can optimize the direction and speed of the golf ball.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

The club shaft makes contact between the grip and the club head. It comes with golf clubs in stainless steel and graphite material shafts, which are optimal if purchased based on the golfer’s swing speed.

For example, If your swing speed is slow, below 95 mph, you should choose a graphite shaft, as it is lighter in weight than a steel shaft and can offer you better forgiveness, longer shots, and balanced control.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Nowadays in golf, there is no need to be longer graphite shafts, because the length of the club’s shaft is already determined by the golfer’s height, which is measured by the golfer’s wrist-to-floor, swing mechanics, and posture.

If you change it from the already determined length, i.e. increase or decrease, then it may not give you the performance that you were getting from the previous length.

Either it will give you a positive performance (increased power) or it can give you a negative one (loss of control), but it will not give you the same performance as before.

So if you are thinking of extending the length of a graphite shaft, it would be better if you do this work under the supervision of a professional fitter.

However, if your swing speed is fast then you should definitely select a steel shaft as it can offer you a solid feel and gives better accuracy and shot-shaping. Moreover, it is affordable and more durable than graphite shafts.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Note: As a beginner golfer, your swing speed may be slow, thus my recommendation is that you only use a graphite shaft.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

According to experts, it is not at all right to do this because there is a gap of 2.25 to 3.0 inches between the shaft of the driver and fairway wood, where the length of the shaft of a driver is 45.75 inches and the length of the wood is 42.75 to 43.5 inches.

While woods require a lighter and more flexible shaft to provide good distance and control, on the other side a driver requires a stiffer shaft to provide balanced control during high swing speed to the golfer.

But one thing common between the shafts of wood and the driver is that they are of similar weight but not the same weight because the shaft of wood is cut much more near the club head so that it becomes a little stiff.

But if your hands are itching to experiment with the shaft of your club, then do this experiment with a pro fitter.

The grip is where you hold the golf club or golf driver. The better the grip of a good brand, the softer and more comfortable feel it will give you.

Now the club grip is also a specialty that is available in multiple materials such as Rubber, Corded, Wrap, and Lightweight. They are designed to perform in a variety of climates.

The golfer can have any grip fitted to his or her clubs based on his or her demands and comfort, so choose the grip that is right for you.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Let us try to understand which grip material is used at which climate through the chart.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Now as grips are available in different materials, they are also available in different sizes such as Junior (for junior/youth clubs), Undersize, Standard, Midsize, and Jumbo.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Understand which Grip size is suitable for which golfer through the chart given below.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners
How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

It’s important to note that these are general guidelines. The best way to choose a shaft, grip, hosel, and club head is to get fitted by a professional.

I just explained above what is clubhead, now I would like to tell you how the size and forgiveness of the driver clubhead help to enhance your performance.

When choosing a driver, try to buy one with a big, forgiving clubhead with a size of 460cc as this is designed according to your beginner skill level and will give you good distance, and balanced control, and help to achieve high and straight shots.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Now, since beginner and high-handicap golfers struggle a lot with accuracy, a head that offers forgiveness is essential.

Although the clubhead size also comes in 430-450cc, it is suitable only for advanced and skilled golfers, but as you are a beginner, it would be better to prefer the clubhead size of 460cc only.

Now, don’t be confused between shaft and shaft flexibility; they are not the same thing. I’ve explained shafts above, and now it’s time to learn shaft flex and how to choose it for your driver.

Before you choose any shaft flex, let me tell you one thing, shaft flex performs best when purchased based on the golfer’s swing speed.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Shaft flexes are available in a variety of types, including stiff, senior, standard, extra stiff, and ladies’ shaft flexes. As a result, they are regarded as suited for a variety of swing speeds.

The table below will help you determine which shaft flex you should pick in your golf driver as a beginner based on your swing speed.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

By the way, there is no special single signal in golf that tells you when you should switch from a stiffer to a regular shaft because switching the shafts depends on different points, for example.

If you find any loss of distance and accuracy, face problems in feel and control, and address any other performance issues then you can switch from stiff shafts to regular shafts.

Now let’s understand which golfers should keep their driver at what loft degree. First, men and women have different loft degrees that they can set for themselves to gain good performance on the green.

Men and women have varying swing speeds, so different loft degrees are recommended for each. Also, check out the chart below.

First, let’s talk about beginner male golfers, they should keep their loft in the range of 8-12 degrees in which 9-10.5 is most common, whereas, for women, the loft degree of 9-12.5 degrees is considered correct, where 10.5-12 is normal.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Note: One thing to keep in mind is that higher loft does not necessarily equal more distance, but with these loft ranges, beginner golfers like you may simply launch the golf ball.

Short and long-length golf drivers are made to provide different specifications. Now let’s talk about what specifications each length golf driver can deliver to golfers.

For example, choosing a driver with a short shaft length will offer you better accuracy; if you choose a driver with a longer shaft, it will deliver you a better distance.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Now, since the length of most golf drivers is 44 to 45.75 inches, but as a beginner golfer, what length of golf driver shaft should you buy according to your physique?

Let’s understand with the help of a chart.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Well, if you are thinking of doing it alone then I would not encourage you to do so because adding even 1 inch to your golf driver is not as easy as you think.

But if we look at your question then yes you can do this, not alone, but with the help of a professional fitter. I warn you, what could happen to your driver if you even try to do this alone?

First of all, you can damage the head and shaft of the driver because special tools and proper knowledge are required to do this work.

Due to this in the future, your driver will not give you the performance for which you had taken this step to achieve. Yes, I agree that a longer shaft can potentially add distance, but doing so without proper instructions may make you regret it.

If you want to know what else can happen, you can start experimenting with your shaft today.

When it comes to finding the best golf driver for themselves, most beginners believe that only high-end golf drivers can improve their skill level and performance.

Due to this most of the beginner golfers make the same mistake of buying expensive golf clubs. But let me tell you one thing, it is not at all what you think, that only expensive (high-end) golf drivers can level up your performance.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

There are well-trusted golf brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway, Wilson, Cobra, and Ping that manufacture high-quality golf drivers at affordable prices starting from $200 to $599.

This is a perfect investment for a novice and newly started golfer which never disappoints them and does not burn a hole in their pockets.

So whichever brand of golf driver you buy, just do not overspend more than this amount because this amount is quite enough.

According to Google AI Overview, Cobra LTDx, Ping G425 Max, TaylorMade SIM2 Max, TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD, Callaway Mavrik Max Driver, and Callaway Paradym Driver are the best options for a beginner golfer on a budget.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Well, now you know how much you should spend on a golf driver. Now know whether it is necessary for you to choose a new golf driver or whether a secondhand golf driver will suit you best.

To find out the answer, you must first ask yourself the question to understand your own requirements and desires. Well, it is also my responsibility to provide you with the appropriate guidance on this matter.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

So let’s talk about this topic in detail.

Now, as you are a beginner or only play golf rarely, then my suggestion is that you also select a secondhand golf driver.

The advantage of a used golf driver is that if you have a limited budget or are just learning the fundamentals of golf, it may be appropriate for you. As your skill level, swing speed, and playing ability improve, you may later consider a new golf driver.

On the other hand, if we talk about new golf drivers, they can also offer you better quality performance because they are launched with the latest technology, that transforms a beginner golfer into an advanced-level golfer.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Just keep in mind that products are being launched at a premium price.

Note: The decision between buying a new or used golf driver is based on your needs, desires, and preferences. My role is just to make suggestions; you must decide what is required.

There are two doors in front of you, only you have to open them.

Now you must have decided whether you want a new driver or a secondhand one, or one with a premium price tag or an affordable price tag.

Now you don’t have to do much work to choose the proper golf driver; all you have to do is follow two more steps: fitting and testing. Then you will understand how I can choose the right golf driver.

First, let us discuss testing. Before selecting a golf driver, you must test different drivers. You may test any brand of golf driver, and by doing so, you will learn about the driver’s pros and cons.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Pros and Cons mean that you will be able to determine whether the driver is effectively matching your swing speed, providing the distance that is declared, and providing you with a better feel and comfort.

You will also be able to determine whether the driver who is towing you is actually competent or not. So, test golf drivers before you buy them.

Now let’s take a look at the driver fitting.

Fitting means that you consult a professional fitter and get your driver fitted according to your needs, playing style, and swing speed.

In this service, a golf professional fitter uses the most advanced instruments to assess your swing speed, hand rotation, and other factors before recommending a golf driver that will improve your performance on the course.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Now, as previously pointed out, you should test golf drivers before purchasing them. With a professional fitting service, you can complete this task with ease.

You can also buy your favorite Golf Drivers directly from there at an affordable price. To get a professional fitter, you can visit any golf shop and ask them for this service.

So far in this article, we have understood how to choose a golf driver for beginners, and that too by considering only a few keys, such as the focus on forgiveness and head size, shaft flex, driver loft, and driver length.

Not only this, further we also learned about the parts of the golf driver and understood how they work, which are the clubhead, hosel, shaft, and grips.

Along with all these keys and parts of the driver, some tips are given which will help you in choosing a better golf driver like Don’t Over Spend, Second Hand and New Golf Driver, and lastly Professional Fitting and Testing various drivers.

How to Choose a Golf Driver for Beginners

Now I hope with the help of this guide you will be able to determine the right and long-lasting golf driver. In the future, if you want to know something related to the golf driver, you can read my other interesting articles.

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